A Brief Guide to Thriving for Individuals with a Mental Illness and their Loved Ones

Having a mental illness can have its challenges. It can create problems for an individual in many ways. This book is meant to be a brief guide to helping you reach your full potential, or helping your loved one reach their full potential, despite having a mental illness. In this book you'll find information about the stages of healing from a mental illness, strengths that can be helpful for an individual with a mental illness, and tips for helping loved ones who have a mental illness. While many of the books on the market focus on the symptoms of individuals with mental illness, this book is intended to point out possible strengths and help you, or assist your loved one, in maximizing individual potential despite a mental illness. Living with a mental illness, or loving someone with a mental illness, can be difficult. But this book will help you in rising to the challenge of living a happy, healthy life. Individuals who have a mental illness can not only survive - but thrive.