A Better United Nations for the New Millennium: The United Nations System - How It Is Now and How It Should Be in the Future

Series: Nijhoff Law Specials (43)
Paperback / softback
The former President of South Africa, H.E. Nelson Mandela, states in the foreword that the debate on the reform of the United Nations System must move beyond the cost- effectiveness and efficiency issues, to that of relevance . The President of Malta, H.E. Guido de Marco, a former President of the General Assembly calls for a reform that requires not merely tinkering with the institutional set-up of the Organization but rather a reorientation of the principles projected in the Charter so as to enable them to be applied to current realities . The authors respond by giving a blueprint for a relevant United Nations, more in line with the Charter, emphasizing wider participation in its work, and the supremacy of its General Assembly. This is followed by a vision of a United Nations, supported by an Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC), transformed into a Policy and Coordination Board (PCB), that would bring out the best in a United Nations System that would include, in addition to the Specialized Agencies, the Bretton Woods Institutions, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other global, regional and subregional organizations, which share the same objectives of peace, security, and fair and equitable development for all the peoples of the world.