50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap (Multimedia Kit): A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development

Confronting gaps in school achievement requires a systematic examination of the entire school system and a comprehensive problem-solving approach. Written for school leaders, this completely revised and expanded edition outlines 50 detailed, researched-based strategies for developing high-performing schools. Emphasizing the provision of equal educational opportunities for all learners, this book is organized around six critical standards: - Teach a well-crafted, focused, valid, and clear curriculum - Align assessments, programmes, and instructional resources with curriculum - Promote student equality and equity - Focus on mastery learning and effective teaching strategies - Provide resources for establishing curriculum expectations, monitoring, and accountability - Institute effective district and school planning, staff development, and resource allocation to create a quality learning environment With field-tested best practices and an expanded bibliography and research base, this hands-on guide provides school leaders with strategies that give all learners the opportunity to succeed.