44 Smart Strategies for Avoiding Classroom Mistakes

Avoid classroom problems with this exciting new resource! When teachers experience problems in the classroom they reactively look for solutions. Often the solutions to the problems merely address the apparent symptoms, overlooking the root causes of classroom problems. In 44 Smart Strategies for Avoiding Classroom Mistakes , Carolyn Orange provides insight into underlying causes of common classroom problems such as hurt feelings, power struggles, boring instruction and low motivation. She offers preventative, proactive strategies to help teachers avoid the mistakes associated with classroom problems. This book is a theoretically sound, fresh approach to classroom success.Based on the observations of more than 200 instructors, this dynamic, hands-on text presents finely honed strategies for creating flexible lesson plans, enjoyable classrooms that run like well-oiled machines, motivating students, managing paperwork effectively, and much more to help teachers create an environment that is conducive to better teaching and learning. 44 Smart Strategies for Avoiding Classroom Mistakes includes: practical methods to plan for foreseen and unforeseen classroom circumstances; tips to inspire and motivate your students; useful techniques for maximizing students' strengths and minimizing their weaknesses; advice on how to project a professional image; and, steps for developing exciting, energetic instruction. Featuring expert advice from state Teachers of the Year, enlightening vignettes, activities and observations, this terrific resource will help you create the best classroom possible.