3 Minute Motivators: More Than 120 Activities to Help You Reach, Teach and Achieve!

Mixed media product
3-Minute Motivators will show you how to turn unmotivated, unfocused groups or classes into eager participants and learners. This practical handbook includes more than 100 simple ideas that will refocus a group, release excess energy, or start a class with a bang. Organised around common challenges, 3-Minute Motivators offers a wide variety of ready-to-use activities that turn potential problems into opportunities, and get students out of a rut and into a more productive mode including: Calm Down - relaxing activities that let imaginations soar; Get Moving - lively motivators; Act, Don't Speak - silent but fun activities; Words and Movement - activities that mix talk with action; Single Words & Sounds - simple communication activities; Conversation - getting motivated one-on-one; Brainstorms - working together to let the ideas fly; and, Paper & pencil activities - from letter and word play to shared stories. This book is an ideal resource for both new and experienced teachers, teaching assistants and all those running groups, promoting inherently playful activities that involve competition, cooperation and opportunities to focus on real learning.