Let the light shine throughout 2009! With in-depth horoscopes for every sign, Kris Brandt Riske offers her celestial insight into love, relationships, world events, your career path, and more. Plus, these articles by other renowned astrologers will further illuminate your life:• Balance and beautify your living space with "Aquarian Chic for the Home" by Elizabeth Hazel• Envision your post-work years as you take a "Rendezvous with Retirement" by Alice DeVille• Open the door to your spiritual purpose by getting "In the Spirit of Your Sun Sign" by Lesley Francis• Get involved in your community as you learn to "Take Action! Volunteer" by Robin Ivy• Navigate opposition effectively with "A Road Map for the World of Criticism" by Bernie Ashman• Land your dream job with "Find Your Passion: A Guide to Finding Work" by Eileen Grimes• Settle into your natural rhythms with "Pivotal Moments: The Powerpoints of Your Year" by Gretchen Lawlor• Discover how the stars affect birth order with "All in the Family" by Donna Cunningham Published annually since 1984