1606: An epic adventure

'The story of the European discovery of Australia is a fascinating tale of daring; it's a tale of seafarers...and the spirit of enquiry that spurred them on.' This title is published to coincide with extensive anniversary celebrations planned for 2006, the 400th anniversary of the first European sighting of Australia in 1606. It is the first title in the New South trade imprint from UNSW Press. Evan McHugh is the author of the best-selling Out-back Heroes and Shipwrecked . He writes a weekly column, Dry Rot , in the Sunday Telegraph and has written for television and radio. Evan is known for his ability to tell a good story and draw out the human drama. The title will be supported by a full national media campaign, print, radio and TV. It shows that Australian history might have turned out very differently given the English weren't here first. 1606 marked the first European sighting of Australia, when the Dutch ship Duyfken landed on Cape York. This gripping book tells the stories of the seafaring explorers, shipwrecks and mutinies that followed, including the voyages of Torres and La Perouse, Dampier and D'Entrecasteaux. These are tales of adventure, discovery and navigational triumph in the face of hardship, starvation and fear at the far end of the world.