155 Legal Do's (and Don'ts) for the Small Business

What's legally sound--and what's not--for the most common problems facing today's small business owner One of the most difficult aspects of starting and running a small business is knowing what are the requirements for compliance with the law ...and what legal pitfalls to avoid. This user-friendly guide, written by a practicing attorney, features a format that offers helpful cross-references and quick access to 155 major legal do's and don'ts in a variety of subject areas, including international transactions, contracts, intellectual property, computers, business succession planning, and more. Included are such important topics as: Employment--hiring aliens DO be sure to comply with the requirements for hiring aliens DON'T trip over the discrimination laws when complying with the alien hiring laws Litigation--arbitration DO use an arbitration clause in your contract if the situation warrants DON'T allow the arbitrator to split the award down the middle Commercial transactions--warranties and disclaimers DO limit your warranty exposure by using proper terms in your sales order forms DON'T indemnify against patent infringement except where it is advantageous Financing--personal guarantys DO carefully consider the personal financial implications of signing a guaranty DON'T sign a guaranty without carefully considering the terms Types of businesses--conversion from a corporation DO convert your corporation to a Limited Liability Company (LLC), if appropriate DON'T ignore the tax effects of a conversion from a corporation to an LLC