15 School Questions and Discussion: From Class Size, Standards, and School Safety to Leadership and More

Here's timely information for educators on many of the most important topics of the day in language that is clear and direct. What are standards and what do I need to know about them? What do I need to know about tests? What do I need to know about class size? What do I need to know about vouchers? What do I need to know about content-rich curriculum? What are constructivism and content-rich curriculum? What do I need to know about rubrics? What will be required to keep schools safe? What needs to be done to assure a quality teaching force in 2015? For each question Goldberg provides both background and definition along with guidelines and other helpful material. In some cases he points the direction that experience and research indicate is best. In others, he provides enlightening information that will allow the teacher or administrator to decide for themselves. In all cases, the information is concrete and intended for those interested in practice. Every educator or interested reader will find much useful information here to help them confront the 3 or 4 or 5 questions that go most directly to hot issues in the reader's school, district, or state.