1000 Great Quilting Stitch Patterns

One of the biggest questions facing any quilter is - what stitch pattern shall I use? With over 500 pages containing over 1,000 motifs, this book provides all the inspiration you'll ever need. The book starts with three key techniques showing how to translate designs to fabric: drawing round a card template, stitching through a trace outline and cutting templates out of stencil plastic. Then, the designs - a lifetime's worth of patterns from traditional, modern and heirloom to easy-to-follow geometric designs and beautiful figurative examples; some are quick and easy and designed for the machine, others are best rendered by hand or by a combination of hand and machine. Author Luise Roberts has organized her material by theme, so it's easy to find a pattern to suit every style of quilt. Where appropriate, Luise shows where to position figurative designs in circular, square or triangular blocks to create the best effect, and for each design she explains how each example can be repeated and the percentage to enlarge the patterns. All this key data is succinctly presented in short notations accompanying each pattern; this brevity allows the author to squeeze in as many stitch designs as are required to satisfy even the most avid enthusiast.