100 Cross Stitch Patterns to Mix and Match

Spiral bound
The first part of this book presents an overview of the basics of embroidery, including a look at the tools that are most useful such as needles, frames and scissors, and the materials that you might want to work with. There's an introduction to the basic stitch families, as well as a roundup of the possibilities of embroidery, and how to match fabrics and threads to what you want to create. The rest of the book consists of 116 mix-and-match patterns, organised by type: borders and flowers, alphabets and motifs patterns. These can be endlessly combined to create exactly the effect you want, simply by turning the cut pages. Whether you want to work large or small, create homewares, embellish clothes, or produce works of art, there are combinations of patterns here to meet your precise needs. Every pattern is shown in detail, with clear illustrations and concise, user-friendly descriptions. Innovative and practical, this is the perfect introduction to embroidery for beginners, and a useful quick-reference facility for more experienced crafters.